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Buzz Update: - Tuning in Live from NAB 2019
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2011 NAB Show Buzz Report – Day 3 (04/13/11)

Here’s the third in our series of Special Reports.

Join host Larry Jordan, live from our booth on the show floor, as he talks with:

Bruce Master of IBM and Laura Loredo of HP about the uses of LTO tape archiving and challenges in production.

Nick Rashby, President, AJA Video Systems

Dr. Philip Storey, CEO and Co-Founder, XenData

Vincent Maza, Worldwide Marketing Manager, Avid

Jim Tierney, President and CEO, Digital Anarchy

Gary Arlen, President, Arlen Communications

Donn Gurule, CEO and President, Lightbeam Systems

Michael Kammes, Post-production Consultant, Key Code Media

11 Responses to “2011 NAB Show Buzz Report – Day 3 (04/13/11)”
  1. Linda K Hamilton says:


  2. Dustin Ebsen says:

    Apple release iMovie Pro… I mean FCP-X, I mean at toy for $300.00.
    Is it back to Avid for the serous editors? (I never left) I really wanted to be pleasantly surprised. The first look looks like iMovie Pro. Larry please make it better.

  3. Godfrey Pye says:

    Re. FCPX: I’ll bet there are a lot of vendors of applications and plug-ins meeting in their Las Vegas hotel coffee shops this morning, scratching their heads and asking well what do we now?
    I was waiting to see what happened last night before buying Red Giant’s Colorista for my FCP – but now I’m waiting for June to see how color grading shapes up.
    Similarly what about Pluraleyes and others.
    I wonder if these people are saying nice warm things about Apple???
    On the other hand, I’ll bet you guys who provide tutorials are all blessing Apple for handing you an opportunity to teach more people in the new ways.
    It’s going to be interesting.

    • Larry Jordan says:

      Today I talked to folks from Red Giant Software, Pixel Corps, and Digital Anarchy — Apple hasn’t told them anything about how effects will be implemented in the next version. For now, it is wait and see.


  4. RAO says:


    Can’t believe Pixelcorps or TWIT or somebody does not have a roundtable going that is discussing it.

    • LauraK says:

      Larry was on TWiT this morning talking about Final Cut Pro X and what happened at the Supermeet last night.

    • Larry Jordan says:

      I joined TWIT this morning for an hour talking about FCP X — then TWIM (Pixel Corps) for 45 minutes this afternoon discussing it further.

      LOTS of discussion going on.


  5. Art says:

    FCP X is the child of the new Apple, the continuing evolution of Apple into a consumer products company aimed at mass markets and general audiences. Making things simple for the masses. Soon they will integrate iPad and iPhone video directly into it (FCP). They’ll make a lot of money from it next year when it drops down again this time to $99 and everyone gets it. Pros will have to look elsewhere as they have already started to do. If you require excellence which do you use: SoundTrack Pro or a real tool like Logic or Pro Tools? Stil use Compressor or have you switched to a real pro tool like Telestream? Is Motion your top choice or do you reach for AE? I know what my choices are, and it looks like FCP wil be the next thing I have to abandon. And at that point I no longer need a mac, the best tools will all run on a cheaper Win macine with awesome graphics cards choices that are cheap.

    They pushed me from Aperture to Lightroom last year.

    Starting May 5th MS office 2011 and 2008 will no longer sync with the iPhone due to the mandatory calendar upgrade on mobile me required by May 5th, so I dumped my iphone and bought an android phone and now use Google calendar which syncs with iCal on my mac and google calendar perfectly.

    Apple is playing a dangerous game.

    You may be in a different space, but this is what I see them doing to me.

  6. Markus says:

    If everybody was doing the same things as everybody else all the time, we wouldn’t have change or innovation. I am very excited about FCP X (and in case anyone is wondering, I am a full-time professional editor working in Hollywood).

    Someone on the web put it really well: “In post-production one of the main goals is to worry about the art and have the software all but disappear. This fluidity usually occurs when the editor knows his system inside and out. FCP X seems completely designed with that standard in mind. How can we make this software get out of our way at every chance?”

    If this is indeed the case, I couldn’t be more excited.

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