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Buzz Update: - Tuning in Live from NAB 2019
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NAB Show BuZZ LIVE 2018 – Show 3 (April 12, 12pm)

Join host Larry Jordan, live from our booth on the NAB Show floor, as he talks with:

  • Robert KrügerManaging Partner, Lesspain Software
    • Robert Krüger talks about Lesspain Software’s latest version of Kyno, a media management, workflow solution software. Kyno v1.5 includes Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro integration, batch corrections, and even modifying the clock time of recorded material. Lesspain Software will soon offer a premium version of Kyno that is targeted for broadcasters and larger users.
  • Mark Nakano, Senior Director Product Marketing, NAGRA
    • Mark Nakano discusses NAGRA’s forensic video and audio watermarks. These allow studios to know if a piece of video or audio has been pirated. NAGRA offers two types of watermarks, one for theaters, and one for studios.
  • Bruno Munger, Director of Business Development, Colorfront
    • Bruno Munger introduces Colorfront’s latest product upgrades including more complete streamline solutions for IMF, support for new Camera such as Alexa LF and Sony Venice, and a brand new version of the Colorfront Engine.
  • James DeRuvoEditor-in-Chief, DoddleNews
    • James DeRuvo shares highlights of his 25-mile walk around the NAB Show, including Vimeo’s 4K Multi-camera that allows users to shoot in 1080p. He also talks about Contour Design’s amazing mouses – the Unimouse – and Shuttle Pro v2. Additionally, James discusses RED’s “vampire for light” Gemini camera for extreme low-light shooting.

Interview scheduled for Monday April 11th, 2018 @ 12:00pm at our Digital Production BuZZ booth ( SL10527 in the South Lower hall ).

Transcript provided by Simon Says

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  1. Yacine says:


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    I work at Elise Michel and i help a lot of people to manage their visibility (social, publishing, networking, promos). And I’d love to work with you.
    I wanted to connect with you, ask you a couple questions about your work, and hoped we can stay in touch in case I have any opportunities for you in the future.

    I have a few ideas, let’s talk !

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