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Buzz Update: - Tuning in Live from NAB 2019
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Live Update from the 2014 NAB Show – Show 2

Join host Larry Jordan, live from our booth on the show floor, as he talks with:

Ryan Connolly, Filmmaker, Host of Film Riot, Founder of Triune Films, Film Riot

Ryan Connolly, Filmmaker, Host of Film Riot, Founder of Triune Films, discusses the idea and concept behind Film Riot; how-to filmmaking videos for DIY filmmaking.

Bryce Button, Product Marketing Manager, AJA Video Systems, Inc.

Bryce Button, Product Marketing Manager for AJA Video Systems, Inc., discusses the release of AJA’s brand new production camera, CION. Bryce speaks of the CION’s capabilities, features and it’s ability to shoot from 4K to HD, recording to all variations of ProRes.

Carter Holland, Chief Marketing Officer, NewTek

Carter Holland, Chief Marketing Officer for NewTek, discusses the Tricaster line of products and it’s ability to help productions with network style shoots. Carter also speaks about the new Three Play product, made specifically for sports production.

Suzette Ferguson, Worldwide VP Sales, Cinedeck

Suzette Ferguson, Worldwide VP Sales for Cinedeck discusses the companies role as a solution provider. Suzette also speaks about Cinedeck’s new product, the MX 4K two-camera recorder and the uniqueness of Cinedeck’s products to save money for productions.


8 Responses to “Live Update from the 2014 NAB Show – Show 2”
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