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IMT – John Payne IV, NAB 2017 Interview

John Payne IV, President, IMT (Integrated Microwave Technologies ) ( Booth: C8008 ) John Payne IV talks about IMT and shares their newest acquisition, Vislink. He describes their newest wireless video products, including the Dragonfly. Click here to download and listen to this interview:  Read More

Bob Zelan & Devon Cook: Storage Solutions from Maxx Digital

Larry talks with Bob Zelan, CTO, and Devon Cook, Workflow Specialist, from Maxx Digital. Maxx Digital supplies storage solutions for the entertainment industry for editing, graphics, and production. They provide shared storage environments for post production and graphics industry for macs. visit:  Read More

Corey Roberts: Fresh Perspective on NAB

Corey Roberts has been here at NAB for four days now taking in all the show has to offer. As a first time attendee on the event, he talks about his experiences and gives a fresh perspective of NAB. visit:  Read More

Miguel Saldate: Rack Mount Your Mac Pro

Larry talks with Miguel Saldate, Technical Product Specialist for JMR. JMR is an OEM product manufacturer and system integrator for several companies in the storage industry. JMR also has there own line of storage products and computer accessories. They have developed a system that lets you rack mount your mac pro, which fits 2 mac pros side by side in 4 rack units. visit:... Read More

Rony Sebok: Expansion System for Mac

Larry talks with Rony Sebok, VP Technology for 1 Beyond. 1 Beyond is a manufacturer of custom built systems and focuses on the video industry. They are known for rugged portable products for onset wrangling but have extended their product line to archive and streaming products. They have just released a new expansion system for the mac products. visit:... Read More

Ross Kanarek: Hyper Core Lithium Ion Battery Line

Larry talks with Ross Kanarek, Business Development Manager for Switronix. Switronix is a power solution company for ENG news, film, and major motion pictures. They also do lighting and HD wireless transmission with their core business being batteries. They have released a hyper core lithium ion battery line for users that are using power hungry cameras. visit:... Read More

Steve Modica: Small Tree’s Shared Storage Solutions

Larry Jordan sits down with Steve Modica, Chief Technology Officer for Small Tree, to talk about shared storage. Steve explains Small Tree’s affordable shared storage solutions and technical expertise, which makes them stand out in the crowd. visit:  Read More

Ric Viers: Blastwave FX’s SonoPedia 3.0

Larry talks with Ric Viers, Sound Designer for BlastwaveFX. BlastwaveFX is an high definition sound effects company. They just released SonoPedia 3.0, a sound effects library with over 40,000 high definition recordings. visit:  Read More

Oliver Masciarotte: Minnetonka Audio Plug-ins for Finishing and Distribution

Larry Jordan sits down with Oliver Masciarotte, Director of Customer Experience for Minnetonka, to talk about audio plug-ins. Oliver explains Minnetonka’s audio plug-ins that help editors with finishing and distribution. visit:  Read More

Derick Rhodes: Search Content on Shutterstock

Derick Rhodes, Footage Content Producer discusses content on Shutterstock’s website and the search content feature. Derick also speaks about Shutterstock’s drive to promote high quality stock video and audio content. visit:  Read More

Rob D’Amico: Clean and Repair Audio with iZotope

Rob D’Amico, Senior Product Manager discusses iZotope’s tools for quickly cleaning and repairing audio. Rob also discusses new audio plugins being released.'Amico.mp3 visit:  Read More

Durin Gleaves: Why Choose Adobe Audition over Pro Tools

Durin Gleaves, Product Owner, Adobe Professional Audio stops by to discuss Adobe Audition and why a customer should choose Audition over Pro Tools. Durin also speaks about new features in Audition including new multitrack functionality and Audition’s powerful audio restoration tools. visit:  Read More

Patrick Morgan: Nucoda and Phoenix from Digital Vision

  Larry talks with Patrick Morgan, Product Marketing Manager for Digital Vision. Digital Vision is a supplier of color grading, restoration and film scanning solutions for the broadcast. Morgan discusses Nucoda and Phoenix in depth. Vision_Morgan.mp3   visit:    Read More

Ian Mottashed: Media Asset Management with Cambridge Imaging Systems

  Larry Jordan sits down with Ian Mottashed, Marketing Director for Cambridge Imaging Systems, to talk about media asset management. Ian talks about Cambridge Imaging System’s ability to provide a personal, brand-able, “YouTube in a box” for clients.   visit:    Read More

James Lambert-Knott: Transcripts for Editors and Producers

  Larry talks with James Lambert-Knott, Technical Director for Take 1 Transcription. Take 1 provides verbatim transcripts, post production scripts, closed cations, subtitles and other metatdata for productions. They are working on a new product built for editors and producers and it allows them to quickly do a search through their transcripts to create a story.   visit:... Read More

Mark Hudgins: Workflow Solutions from Imagine Products

  Larry talks with Mark Hudgins, Senior Software Engineer from Imagine Products, Inc. Imagine products is a software company that makes workflow solutions software to help with all stages of the workflow from ingest to archive. New products discussed include Shotput Pro, PreRollPost and ShotSum.   visit:... Read More

Roger Mabon & Keith Warburton: Thunderbolt Enabled LTO System

  Larry talks with Roger Mabon, CEO of mLogic, and Keith Warburton, President of Global Distribution. mLogic is the leading supplier of Thunderbolt peripheral products. mLogic has released the Industries first thunderbolt enabled LTO system which is an LTO drive with a thunderbolt interface.   visit:... Read More

Michele Yamazaki: Brand New Plug-ins Debuted at NAB

  Michele Yamazaki, Pluginologist for Toolfarm, discusses Toolfarm’s role in the plugin market and goes in depth about brand new plugins debuted at NAB. Michele also let’s us know what some of the more popular plugins being used today include.   visit:    Read More

Phil Ritti: Cache-A’s Simul-Copy

  Phil Ritti, President and CEO of Cache-A Corporation, discusses Cache-A’s new software, the Simul-Copy. Phil also speaks about new storage trends and goes in depth about LTO technology.   visit:    Read More

Duane Sherwood: High Quality Camera Filters from Tiffen

  Duane Sherwood, Director of Communications for The Tiffen Company, discusses Tiffen’s role in providing high quality camera filters. Duane also talks about Lowel’s new Pro Power LED light and one by one panel lights.   visit:    Read More

Kanen Flowers: Inspirations & “Hero Punk”

  Kanen Flowers, Creative Director of That Studio, stops in to discuss the inspiration and concept behind That Studio and Scruffy TV. Kanen also speaks about his upbringing in film and his new feature film “Hero Punk.”   visit:    Read More

Andrew Young & Haluki Sadahiro: Lenses and Cameras of Panavision

Larry Jordan sits down with Andrew Young and Haluki Sadahiro, Director of Product Management, Optics and Director of Product Management, Cameras at Panavision, to talk about the lenses and cameras of Panavision. Andrew and Haluki also discuss the Panavision look and line of lenses, and Panavision’s camera rental customization. visit:... Read More

Andy Liebman: Solutions for Collaborate Environments

  Andy Liebman, Founder and CEO of EditShare discusses the companies solutions for collaborate environments. Andy also talks about EditShare’s new 40GB Ethernet, the EditShare 7 release and how someone can get started with an EditShare system.   visit:    Read More

Andrew Page: NVIDIA’s iray

  Andrew Page, Senior Product Manager Quadro Advanced Technologies for NVIDIA, discusses iray; the world’s first GPU accelerated and physically correct, photo-realistic rendering solution. Andrew also speaks about the capabilities of NVIDIA’s graphics cards and the increasing demand for media needing better GPU.   visit:... Read More

Peter McAuley: Boris Continuum Complete 9

  Peter McAuley, Senior Product Manager for Boris FX drops by to talk about Boris FX’s latest product, Boris Continuum Complete 9 (BCC 9); with nine new filters, 20 new transitions and GPU processing. Peter also talks about the BCC 9’s visual preset browser and highlights the new filters and transitions.   visit:... Read More

Dave Walton: JVC’s Eight New Lines of Cameras

  Dave Walton, Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Communications of JVC sits down to discuss JVC’s eight new lines of cameras; four for the HD market and four previews for the 4K market. Dave also talks about the increased competition in the video camera market.   visit:    Read More

Tabb Firchau: New Ways to Stabilize Cameras

  Larry Jordan sits down with Tabb Firchau, president of Freefly, to talk about new ways to stabilize cameras. Tabb talks about Freefly’s new, handheld, motor driven stabilization rig that can be operated by one or two people, with the addition of a wireless remote.   visit:    Read More

Robert Jamieson: High End Graphics Card from AMD

  Larry talks with Robert Jamieson, ISV Alliances Manager for AMD. AMD and its graphic technologies power a variety of solutions. They have launched a new high end graphics card, the W9100, with improved computer and graphics performance.   visit:    Read More

Martin Tlaskal: Color Grading with FilmLight

  Larry Jordan sits down with Martin Tlaskal, Lead Developer for FilmLight, to talk about color grading and color grading software. Martin talks about FilmLight’s new color grading software and plug-ins for dailies and post production.   visit:    Read More

Brian Zarlenga: Grammy and Oscar Winning Recordings

  Larry talks with Brian Zarlenga from Apogee Electronics. Apogee makes professional quality audio recording interfaces that record on Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Some of their products include Symphony I/O, Quartet, Duet, ONE, Jam and MiC which have been used to create Grammy and Oscar winning recordings.   visit:... Read More

SPECIAL REPORT: Oliver Peters Reports on the 4K Competition at NAB

  Oliver Peters of Oliver Peters Post Production Services Company to talk about his impressions of NAB 2014. Oliver talks about the 4K competition at NAB, new editing innovations, cameras, and more!   visit:    Read More

SPECIAL REPORT: Ned Soltz Reports on High End Cameras under $10,000

  Ned Soltz discusses how camera manufacturers should be worried about companies such as AJA and BlackMagic releasing new high end cameras under $10,000. He compares the features of the less expensive cameras with the high end cameras.    Read More

Pete Litwinowicz: Retiming, Motion Blurring, and Warping with Re:Vision Effects

  Larry Jordan sits down with Pete Litwinowicz, Co-founder of RE:Vision Effects, Inc, to talk about effects plug ins. Pete talks about retiming, motion blurring, warping, and more plug-ins that RE:Vision Effects offers.   visit:    Read More

Craig Nimens: New Collections and Libraries

  Larry talks with Craig Nimens, Production Consultant for Sound Ideas. Sound Ideas is the worlds largest supplier of sound effects, royalty free music and production elements. They have released a variety of new collections and libraries. Ideas_Nimens.mp3   visit:    Read More

Tom Dickinson: Rent Gear for Your Next Project from Bexel

  Larry talks with Tom Dickinson, CTO for Bexel. Bexel is a rental service that provides equipment from a one camera package for an interview to much more sophisticated packages for live events or sports.   visit:    Read More

Jeffrey Stansfield: DIT System for the New MacPro

  Larry talks with Jeffrey Stansfield, Founder of Advantage Video Systems. Advantage Video Systems is a provider for the broadcast, motion picture, television and motion graphics industries. They are releasing a new DIT system designed around the new MacPro.   visit:    Read More

Gabe Chiefetz: FCP X Video Effects Plug-ins

  Larry Jordan sits down with Gabe Cheifetz, Co-Founder of Crumplepop, to talk about video effects plugins for Final Cut Pro X. Gabe specifically talks about successful Crumplepop plugins such as an animated split screen plug-in and a skin tone corrector plugin.   visit:    Read More

Doug Pircher: Distributing and Marketing

  Larry talks with Doug Pircher, General Manager for International Supplies. International Supplies looks for new and unique companies that might be small but have revolutionary products. They distribute and market just about everything and have signed on with 2 new companies Nexto-di and DM Light.   visit:... Read More

David Tobie: Spyder HD Release

  Larry talks with David Tobie, Imaging Product & Technology Manager for DataColor. Datacolor is color management in many fields and industries such as imagery video, video broadcasts, cinematography, animation and more. Data Color released the SpyderHD which calibrates both the computer and video displays.   visit:... Read More

Les Zellan: Optical Lens Design & Manufacturing

  Les Zellan, Chairman and Owner of Cooke Optics discusses the rich history of Cooke Optics in film as well as the complexity and challenges of optical lens design and manufacturing. Les also talks about Cooke Optic’s release of 5 new anamorphic lenses.   visit:    Read More

Aharon Rabinowitz & Andrew Little: Red Giant’s Universe

  Andrew Little, Revenue Chief / Co-Founder and Aharon Rabinowitz, Director of Content and Communities discuss Red Giant’s Universe community. They also speak of the new $10 a month subscription plan and the Looks 2.5 upgrade.   visit:    Read More

Sean Mullen & Kanen Flowers: QuickTime File Effects

  Larry Jordan talks with Sean Mullen, CEO of Rampant Design and Kanen Flowers Creative Director for That Studio. Rampant Design creates drag and drop practical visual effects. They create QuickTime file effects such as fire, water, dust and more that layer over other elements. Indie Essentials is a less expensive option that offers a variety of stock effects as well. They have... Read More

Marc Hamaker: Smoke 2015 with 3D Tracking

  Marc Hamaker, Senior Industry Marketing Manager, Pro Video for Autodesk discusses the new Smoke 2015 including new features and functions such as 3D tracking. Marc also talks about Autodesk’s new business model, the desktop subscription service.   visit:    Read More

Jim Tierney: Editing Plug-ins & Flicker Free

  Larry Jordan sits down with Jim Tierney, the Chief Executive Anarchist for Digital Anarchy, to talk about editing plug-ins. Jim talks about past Digital Anarchy success in Photoshop and editing platforms like Final Cut or Premiere, as well as new plug-ins such as Flicker Free.   visit:    Read More

John Tkaczewski: File Catalyst at Sochi 2014

  File Catalyst is a file transfer solution for moving large media files over the internet. They guarantee users will get the most out of their internet connection during the file transfer process. President John Tkaczewski talks about File Catalyst and it’s usage in Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics.   visit:... Read More

Jonathan Aroesty: All-in-One Workflow Solutions

  Larry talks with Jonathan Aroesty from Pronology. Pronology is a digital asset management company that simplifies the task of content creation and distribution for today’s tapeless workflows. Their software platform with off the shelf hardware pieces is user friendly and offers a complete all-in-one solution.   visit:... Read More

Kevin Waehner: Sennheiser’s Field Surround Sound Recording System

  Larry Jordan sits down with Kevin Waehner, the Channel Manager for professional systems and integrated systems at Sennheiser, to talk about new innovations in sound for broadcast and film. Kevin also discusses Sennheisser’s field surround sound recording system, which uses only two microphones, and their new 5-pattern microphone.   visit:... Read More

Angus Mackay: Customized Shared Storage

  Larry sits down with Angus Mackay, Director of Marketing for Tiger Technology, to talk about shared storage and storage workflow solutions. Angus also discusses Tiger Technology’s ability to customize shared storage to customers’ needs, whether it be storage drives, high speed connections, or managing software.   visit:... Read More

Jon Tatooles: Sound Devices Expands into Video

  Jon Tatooles, Chief Business Development Officer at Sound Devices discusses the release of the 633, a compact multi channel audio mixer and the new PIX 270 video deck. Jon also speaks about why Sound Devices has expanded into the video realm and how to decide between the choices of audio recording equipment.   visit:... Read More

Steven Cooperman: New VeriCam Cameras

  Steven Cooperman, Senior Product Manager for Panasonic speaks about Panasonic’s releasing two new VeriCam cameras. Steven also discusses the evolving camera marketplace and why customers should invest in Panasonic.   visit:    Read More

Dana Ruzicka: Avid in the Future

  Dana Ruzicka, Vice President of Segment and Product Marketing for Avid, discusses the concept behind “Avid Everywhere” and how the company is poised for the future. Dana also speaks about the new Cloud collaboration feature for Media Composer and ProTools which enables artists and editors everywhere to collaborate on the same projects and session no matter where in the world... Read More

Suzette Ferguson: Touchscreen Recording Systems

  Suzette Ferguson, Worldwide VP Sales for Cinedeck discusses the company’s touchscreen recording systems. Suzette also speaks about Cinedeck’s new product, the MX 4K two-camera recorder and the uniqueness of Cinedeck’s products to save money for productions.   visit:    Read More

Carter Holland: Capture and Publish Live Video with Tricaster

  Carter Holland, Chief Marketing Officer for NewTek, discusses the Tricaster line of products and its ability to help productions capture and publish live video. Carter also speaks about a new product in the 3Play family, made specifically for sports production.   visit:    Read More

Bryce Button: CION Production Camera

  Bryce Button, Product Marketing Manager for AJA Video Systems, Inc., discusses the release of AJA’s brand new production camera, CION. Bryce speaks of the CION’s capabilities, features and it’s ability to shoot from 4K to HD, recording to all variations of ProRes.   visit:    Read More

Ryan Connolly: DIY Filmmaking

  Ryan Connolly, Filmmaker, Host of Film Riot, Founder of Triune Films, discusses the idea and concept behind Film Riot; how-to filmmaking videos for DIY filmmaking.   visit:    Read More

Kevin Louden: Introducing Switch

  Kevin Louden, Sales Engineer for Telestream, discusses Switch, the new multi-format desktop player for the Mac. Switch includes features such as ability to see running time and time code; audio inspection and correction, view tracks, and the ability to create and deliver an iTunes store package.   visit:... Read More

Greg Crosby: G-Tech for the Professional Market

  Greg Crosby, Product Marketing Manager, discusses the announcement of G-Technology’s new Studio Line of products focused on the professional market. Greg also speaks of the new capabilities for the Evolution series.   visit:    Read More

Bob Caniglia: New Blackmagic Studio Camera

  Bob Caniglia, Sr. Regional Manager, Eastern North America, discusses Blackmagic’s announcement of the new Blackmagic Studio Camera. Bob also speaks about Teranex Express, an up and down converter able to convert SD and HD to Ultra HD and back.   visit:    Read More

Paul Babb: Vizrt Partnership & Cineversity

  Paul Babb, President & CEO of MAXON Computer discusses Cinema 4D and their new partnership with Vizrt. Paul also speaks about the differences between Cinema 4D and Maya and talks about Cineversity, the Cinema 4D training program for motion graphics and visual effects.   visit:    Read More

James Capparelle: Microphones for Les Miserables and Big Brother

  Larry Jordan sits down with James Capparelle, a sales and marketing representative for DPA Microphones, to talk high SPL condenser microphones. James talks about some new DPA headset and lavaliere microphones which were used on Les Miserables, as well as the new necklace microphone which was used on the reality show Big Brother.   visit:... Read More

Ross Shain: New Features in Mocha 4

  Imagineer Systems is the Academy Award-winning developer of Mocha AE and Mocha Pro as well as other motion tracking tools. Ross Shain discusses new features in the technology preview of version 4 of Mocha.   visit:    Read More

Bill Roberts: Adobe in Broadcast News

  Bill Roberts, Director of Video Product Management discusses Adobe’s grown in the broadcast news field. Bill speaks about Adobe’s effort to help editors in broadcast news with improvements such as Premiere’s ability to edit AE text fields, a new Mask Tracker and Audition enhancements to UI.   visit:... Read More

Bruce Devlin: Manipulating your Media

  Larry sits down with Bruce Devlin, Chief Technology Officer of Amberfin, to talk about the playback, transcoding, ingesting, and quality control of media using Amberfin. Bruce also talks about Amberfin’s new and pre-existing software which allows everyone from independent producers to big studios manipulate their media however they need.   visit:    Read More

Tobias Keuthen: New Range of Accessories

 Read More

Mohammed Aboul-Magd: Large File Transferring

 Read More

Jess Hartmann: ProMAX Platform Version 4

 Read More

Kieren Foster: Lithium Ion Battery Safety

 Read More

Szymon Masiak: Creation of mBadges

 Read More

David Peto: Aframe’s Dropbox

  Aframe is a cloud platform for collecting, storing, managing huge quantities of professional video, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Today we talked with Aframe CEO, David Peto, about their new Dropbox-style feature and their other new products.   visit:    Read More

Pat Grosswendt: LED Lighting for TV and Film

  Larry Jordan sits down with Pat Grosswendt, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Consultant for LitePanels, to talk about LED lighting for TV and film. Pat talks about the new family of LitePanels lights and how LED light is measured.   visit:    Read More

Philip Storey: XenData Archiving Solutions

 Read More

Tim Jones: New Modular Cart Series

  Tim Jones, President/CTO of TOLIS Group discusses TOLIS’ collaboration with Bigfoot Mobile Solutions and their new modular cart series of products. Tim also speaks about TOLIS’ BRU software and hardware solutions for LTF storage.   visit:    Read More

Kennon Hulett: Pond5 Integrates 4K Footage

 Read More

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