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2013 NAB Show Buzz: Wowza Media Systems, Dave Stubenvoll

  Storage is everything when you’re working with media. Wowza Media Systems is a media server software company that helps you stay connected; delivering media where it needs to be, in whatever format it needs to be. Learn more from Wowza Media Systems CEO/Co-founder, Dave Stubenvoll, shares the full story.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: ThinkLogical, Robert Ventresca

  ThinkLogical focuses on the idea of helping organizations extend computer signals. Sound complicated? Learn more from ThinkLogical’s VP of Marketing, Bob Ventresca.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Autoscript, Robin Brown   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: BlastwaveFX, Ric Viers   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Ultrium LTO, Bruce Master and Laura Loredo   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Amberfin, Bruce Devlin   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Digital Vision, Patrick Morgan   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: EditShare, Andy Liebman   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Telestream, Barbara DeHart   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Minnetonka Audio Software, Oliver Masciarotte   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Newtek, Philip Nelson   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Sound Ideas, Craig Nimens

  Sound Ideas has been around for 35 years making production music and sound effects. Craig Nimens tells us about their library sound effects and how they create them. Sound ideas are available on CD, DVD and online.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Infostrada, Tom Evans

  Infostrada makes Centralparq: a cloud-based workflow management tool for post-production, allowing remote editing teams to collaborate on the same project. Unlike other cloud-based solutions, Centralparq keeps the media on the customer’s site.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Switronix, Lynn Impagliazzo

  Switronix makes transmitters/receivers, batteries, battery packs and charging solutions. New for NAB 2013 are Jet-Pack Sony-style battery packs and Recon Micro.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Smartsound Software, Kevin Klingler

  Smartsound Software allows you to manipulate royalty-free music into custom music soundtracks. Launching at NAB 2013 is Sonicfire Pro version 5.8, which makes it easier to audition and buy the music that you need.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Cambridge Imaging Systems, Ian Mottashed

  Cambridge Imaging Systems have been making asset management systems for 20 years. Their software has a web interface that sits on top. They’ve reworked their software to work with the cloud, meaning you don’t need your own infrastructure to host your media.   visit:      Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: TOLIS Group, Tim Jones

  TOLIS Group focus on the restore of data from archival devices. At NAB 2103 they’re showing their ArGest solutions.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Quiver, Skip Robins

  Quiver is a digital encoding and servicing company for independent filmmakers. Your film can be encoded for platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Hulu and Sony Playstation store.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: American Idol, Randy Jackson and Nigel Lythgoe

  American Idol was inducted into the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame at the 2013 NAB Show. Cirina Catania, BuZZ producer, talks with Idol producer, Randy Jackson and Idol show judge, Nigel Lythgoe, about how the power of social media has changed the way they produce the show.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Sound Devices, Jon Tatooles

  John Tatooles from Sound Devices LLC tells us about what’s new for NAB 2013: the 664 field mixer which gives 10 tracks of recording (6 inputs, recording to 6 channels, and 4 mix output channels).   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: NVIDIA, Andrew Page

  Andrew Page from NVIDIA talks about Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), the chips that drive computer monitors. These days they can also accelerate transcoding, effects and other compute tasks. Their new Grid VCA creates a virtual appliance provides computing power for clients running video software on small and medium networks.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Panasonic, Steven Cooperman

  Steven Cooperman from Panasonic talks about their new products for NAB 2013: a 31″ 4K monitor; P2 cameras supporting the AVCUltra codec.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Blackmagic Design, Stuart Ashton

  Stuart Ashton from Blackmagic Design talks about some of their new announcements for NAB 2013: Production Camera 4K, Pocket Cinema Camera, and the next version of Resolve.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Cooke Optics, Les Zellan

  Les Zellan talks about the history of Cooke Optics – which goes back to the silent film era – and shares some stories about their role in the early days of the motion picture industry. This year they are focussing on “the look” – giving personality to digital acquisition.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Canon USA, Chuck Westfall

  Chuck Westfall from Canon USA talks about their EOS DSLR camera line, including which one would make a good entry level camera, and which would make a good mid-range camera. At NAB 2013 they are showing new EOS cameras that cover the spectrum from 2K up to 4K.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: JVC, Dave Walton

  Dave Walton from JVC Professional talks about their new cameras that allow recording in dual codec and live streaming via an LTE modem. He also discusses what to consider when deciding how to choose the right camera for you.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: ProMAX Systems, Jess Hartmann

  Jess Hartmann from ProMAX tells us that they are going back to product development and manufacture. They’re making affordable high-end servers, shared storage and other infrastructure for video editing facilities.   visit:      Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Axle Video, Sam Bogoch

  Axle Video’s approach is to help people manage all the assets they use. At NAB 2013 they’re announcing their first rack mounted hardware/software appliance (which includes Telestream Episode Pro). Axle provides a simple-to-use web interface so you can search for, view/approve and log your media from wherever you are.   visit:      Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: DPA Microphones, Eric Mayer

  DPA make miniature condenser microphones, miniature head-sets, recording studio microphones and other microphone solutions. Unlike other manufacturers, DPA microphone components are made at their own purpose-built factory in Denmark.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Digital Anarchy, Jim Tierney

  Digital Anarchy have been making After Effects plug-ins since 2001. Their newest plug-in is Beauty Box which makes people look younger without manual retouching. Jim Tierney talks about Beauty Box version 3.0 which has better masking uses graphics cards to speed up rendering.   visit:      Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Ciphertex, Jerry Kaner

  Ciphertex make secure, encrypted portable storage systems, from a single device to a RAID. These devices are portable, rugged, and support USB3/eSATA/Thunderbolt connections.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Sennheiser, Christopher Currier

  Christopher Currier from Sennheiser discusses how to choose the right mic for you, how to judge a microphone, the difference between mics and much more. He talks about both Neumann and Sennheiser brands of microphones.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: FilmLight, Martin Tlaskal

  FilmLight create high-end color grading software. This year FilmLight are showing a new product called Flip (FilmLight Image Processor). Instead of leaving color grading to the end of the process, Flip is an on-set tool that allows you to apply BaseLight grades live to a video stream.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: The Tiffen Company, Steve Tiffen

  Steve Tiffen from The Tiffen Company talks about their broad array of products. He talks about new product introductions for NAB 2013: Lowell lighting have the GL1, a hand-held focussable LED light; and Steadicam have a new stabilizer tailored to GoPro cameras.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz:, Owen Smith

  Owen Smith is a comedian, actor, producer and writer. He’s here at NAB for the first time to give us his unique perspective.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Sachtler, Barbara Jaumann

  Sachtler make tripod heads and camera supports. Their new product is the lightweight carbon fiber Ace L system for DSLRs.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Cache-A, Phil Ritti

  Phil Ritti from Cache-A talks about their LTO-6 version of their archival products, which significantly increases the amount of data that can be stored.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: GoPro, David Newman

  David Newman from GoPro talks about their latest product: the Hero3 Black edition is 4K capable and does 2.5K at 24p, 25p and 30p.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: MAXON, Paul Babb

  Paul Babb from Maxon talks about the new workflow between Cinema 4D and After Effects: you can open a Cinema 4D file directly in After Effects, no rendering required!   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Autodesk, Inc., Marc Hamaker

  Marc Hamaker from Autodesk tells us about their NAB announcement: they’ve signed a technology partnership with Blackmagic Design to get hardware support for Smoke.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Boxx TV, Mark Walker

  Mark Walker, Owner of Boxx Communications – a reseller for Boxx TV’s products on the West Coast. Boxx TV create repeaters that allow a signal to be beamed from a camera to the repeater and on to the satellite truck. By working wirelessly you can avoid having to run cables, but still can use uncompressed signals. They’re also announcing durable 26V batteries for Alexa cameras,... Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: XenData, Phil Storey

  XenData focus on video archive solutions to archive to LTO tape cartridges. For NAB 2013 they have a new archive solution for Interplay; and also the entry-level X2500, a Windows workstation archiving solution.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Tiger Technology, Bernard Lamborelle

  Tiger Technology’s flagship software products are metaSAN and metaLAN. At NAB 2013 are launching a new hardware storage product called Tbox – a shared storage scalable solution, allowing multiple people to connect to the same storage. Storage options range from 16TB to 320TB.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Litepanels, Pat Grosswendt

  Litepanels create LED lighting for broadcast, film production, video and photography. At NAB 2013 they are introducing two new 12 inch lights: the Solar 12 (daylight fixture) and the Inca 12 (incandescent/tungsten)   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Rampant Design Tools, Sean Mullen

  Rampant Design creates drag-and-drop style effects for any software that reads QuickTime. They create trending effects for the masses which include film, transitions, organic elements and many other effects. Their new products include light effects and soft-light overlays.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Pond5, Tom Bennett

  Pond5 is a marketplace for stock media with over a million and a half clips. Pricing of content is set by the artists, and all media is sold royalty-free. They have announced a merging with Pixmac, a stock photo provider, which will work with Pond5 in translating their site to 17 different languages.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Imagineer Systems, Ross Shain

  Core Melt is working together with Imagineer Systems academy award winning program, Mocha, to provide FCP X users with rotoscoping and masking plugins.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Red Giant Software, Aharon Rabinowitz

Red Giant is best known for their plugins such as Trapcode and Magic Bullet, but at NAB they are announcing a new piece of stand-alone software called Bulletproof. Aharon Rabinowitz from Red Giant explains that Bulletproof is used on-set to help you with all the things that need to be done after you take the card out of the camera and before the media can be handed off for editing.   visit:... Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: G-Technology, Ian Andes   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: AJA, Nick Rashby

Nick Rashby, President of AJA, talks about a number of new announcements for this NAB. KiPro Quad and its accessories are now shipping. And there’s two new products: HiFi 4K and ROI.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Adobe, Bill Roberts

  Bill Roberts from Adobe Systems talks to us about Adobe Anywhere – which enables collaboration and making your media available everywhere. It’s integrated into Adobe Premiere Pro, Audition and Prelude, all of which will be getting version updates this year. visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Frontline Club – London, Vaughan Smith

  The Frontline Club, started 10 years ago, is London’s press club for freelance journalists.   visit:    Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Aframe, David Peto

  Aframe is a private cloud platform for video. They provide storage, asset management, metadata and collaboration tools etc. on remote servers for all your project’s documents. At NAB 2013 they announced version 2.0 of Aframe, as well as AVC Proxy integration.   visit:  Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: K-Tek, Dave Fisk

  K-Tek started making boom poles, but have expanded to shot mounts, DSLR accessories, etc. Their new product (that started with a napkin sketch) is the Nautilus, a microphone holder that gives 3 axes of audio isolation.   visit:  Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Schneider Optics, Ryan Avery

  Schneider Optics – makers of high end lenses – announced their new series of prime lenses at NAB 2013. And also a clamshell case for the iPhone 5 that supports their high quality iPhone lenses.   visit:  Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Shutterstock, Ben Pfeifer

  Shutterstock is a marketplace for photographs, footage and other digital assets. The content that they license to sell royalty-free are supplied by individual contributors.   visit:  Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Oconnor, Steve Turner

  O’Connor make fluid heads and camera accessories. Their fluid heads use spring balance in their fluid heads, allowing for smooth movement. O’Connor are announcing a new range of universal Donuts that are packaged with a matte box.   visit:  Read More

2013 NAB Show Buzz: Petrol Bags, Tal Tzuk

  Tal Tzuk discussed the release of 6 new Petrol products.   visit:    Read More

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