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Buzz Update: - Tuning in Live from NAB 2019
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Peter Crithery, Sony & Vincent Maza, Avid

Peter is responsible for marketing most of Sony’s professional cameras in the U.S. He joins us to talk about a variety of new camera announcements – and solid state recording devices – that Sony made at NAB. Then, Vincent Maza joins us to talk about the new ability within Avid Media Composer to edit HDCAM SR video natively to more tightly integrate production with post.   visit:... Read More

Alexis Van Hurkman, Van Hurkman Productions

Alexis Van Hurkman, Principle of Van Hurkman Productions, is a full-time colorist and a regular guest on The BuZZ, joins us to discuss the latest news from the creators of a variety of color-grading software; including DaVinci Resolve, LightWorks, and Assimilate.   visit:  Read More

Ric Viers, BlastwaveFX

Ric Viers loves creating sound effects. As the publisher of the world’s largest collection of sound effects, Ric talks about how he records sound effects and introduces their newest product: Sonopedia, their sound effects library with more than 30,000 effects.   visit:  Read More

Michael Cioni, Light Iron

An interview with Michael Cioni, Founder of Light Iron.   visit:  Read More

Stefan Kramper, Digital Film Technology

Spirit and Scanity, created by Digital Film Technology, are two high-end film scanners which are used throughout the industry to convert film images into digital files. Stefan Kramper describes a new technique they’ve developed that scans film without relying on sprocket holes; which is great when scanning film archives.   visit:... Read More

Matt Brohn, Sony Creative Software

Matthew Brohn is the product manager for Sony Creative Software’s professional and consumer video applications. He manages the marketing and development of award-winning software tools such as Vegas Pro, Vegas Movie Studio, DVD Architect Pro, and DVD Architect Studio software.   visit:  Read More

Keith Larsen, ProductionCONN 2011

Interview with ProductionCONN Founder, Keith Larsen.   visit:  Read More

John Glass, Nevion

Interview with John Glass, Executive Vice President of Marketing at Nevion.   visit:  Read More

Bruce Devlin, Amberfin

Bruce Devlin, Chief Technical Officer, Amberfin, explains their ICR software, which grew out of research at Snell and Wilcox, which is software for file and standard conversion, technical analysis, and conversion automation.   visit:  Read More

Jerry Pierce, Hollywood Post Alliance

Michael Kammes interviews Jerry Pierce about its push to standardize IMF (Interoperable Mastering Format) and why this standardization is important to the professional side of the industry.   visit:  Read More

Kip Watters, Nexidia

Nexidia first appeared on the market with Avid Script Sync. Then, last year, they released Get for Final Cut Pro. This year, Kip Watters talks about their technology and a new way they have of indexing all the audio content on a website and making it instantly searchable.   visit:  Read More

Kevin Klingler, SmartSound

Kevin Klingler, President & CEO of SmartSound Software, tells us about QuickTracks – SmartSound’s new cloud-based music customization service.   visit:  Read More

Erik Otto, XDT and Media Proxy

XDT develops software-based solutions for digital media transfers over local and wide area networks. In this interview, Erik Otto illustrates how to speed up data transfers between computers and servers for large media files. Otto, is also the Director of Media Proxy, an affiliate of the XENON Technology Group (XTG).   XDT – Interview   visit:... Read More

Dr. Ji Zhang, Yuvad Technologies

Dr. Ji Zhang, CEO & Chairman, Yuvad Technologies. Yuvad is a leading provider of multi-service video processing, and video over IP, with advanced advertising capabilities. Since all of us are looking for ways to turn our projects into money, you’ll be interested in what Dr. Zhang has to say.   visit:  Read More

Matthias Rose, Fraunhofer IIS

Fraunhofer IIS is Europe’s leading research institutes. At NAB, they introduced MPEG compression for 5.1 surround sound, a real-time encoder for surround audio on the web, and a utility that lets you hear the results of audio compression in real-time, while you are mixing your audio. Matthias Rose, Head of Marketing Communications for Audio and Multimedia, Fraunhofer, explains.   visit:... Read More

Tony Papa, Cool-Lux

Tony Papa tells us about their line of camera-mounted, battery-powered lights and explains the difference between Quartz lights and LED lights.   visit:  Read More

Kimball Thurston, Reliance MediaWorks

Interviewed by Michael Kammes, Kimball Thurston, Lead Scientist, Reliance MediaWorks, explains new technology they are showing at NAB that allows better image processing and cleaner up-resing of SD to HD images.   visit:  Read More

Candice Cunningham, LensSkins

Interview with Candice Cunningham, Director of LensSkins.   visit:  Read More

Oliver Peters, Oliver Peters Post Production Services

Oliver Peters is a regular guest on The BuZZ and provides his perspective on the current trends in post-production: stereo 3D, higher camera resolutions and frame rates, and reactions to Final Cut Pro X.   visit:  Read More

Scott Morris, Adobe

Scott Morris, Senior Director of Marketing Digital Media Solutions at Adobe, talks about their new Creative Suite 5.5.   visit:  Read More

Larry Jordan & Michael Kammes on FCPX

Larry Jordan talks with Michael Kammes about the newly announced Final Cut Pro X.  Read More

Tom Vice, FotoKem

NextLab has developed an on-set hardware and software kit that can be used during production to simplify the process of working with tapeless media, which Tom calls “file-based workflows.”  Listen as he explains his new system.   visit:  Read More

Erwan Maigret, The Bakery

Erwan Maigret, CEO, The Bakery, discusses the benefits of using traditional 3D software to create stereoscopic 3D images, as well as some graphics technology trends to watch in the future.   visit:    Read More

Craige Mott, Bluefish444

Bluefish444 makes uncompressed SDI video capture cards for Windows, Linux, and Macintosh systems. Craige Mott explains how their cards work, their latest NAB announcements, and why you need a capture card in the first place.   visit:  Read More

Greg Dolan, Xytech

Greg Dolan, Executive Vice President, Xytech Systems, explains how his company can help in scheduling resources, staffing, and media to enable mid-size production companies to avoid getting buried in paperwork.   visit:  Read More

Sean Safreed, Red Giant Software

Sean Safreed, Co-founder and Director of Product Management, Red Giant Software, discusses the challenges of communicating color decisions between different groups working on a project and showcases two new, free, utilities that they released to solve this problem.   visit:  Read More

Ned Soltz, Technical Correspondence

Ned Soltz, Contributing Editor, Government Video and DV magazines, talks about the latest trends in camera technology displayed at NAB 2011.   visit:  Read More

Alex Lindsay, Pixel Corps

Alex Lindsay, Founder of the Pixel Corps and host of “This Week in Media (TWIM),” explains how he came to start Pixel Corps and the new paradigm of using groups to create content.   visit:  Read More

Michael Smollin, Image Systems

Michael Smollin describes the process of color grading and the power of Open EXR on salvaging poorly-exposed shots.  Read More

Michael Kammes – Audio Plug-ins Special Report

Plug-ins are special software tools which can really make your editing life easier. This year at NAB, Michael Kammes highlights three new audio plug-ins that really show a lot of promise.   visit:  Read More

Greg Prentiss, Autoscript

Greg Prentiss, Director of Sales for Autoscript, tells us about two new products. Cueplus is a light that can change color – especially useful for people who are color blind. Countplus is a countdown timing strip at the bottom of the camera.  Read More

Tsukasa Baba, Keisoku Giken

Tsukasa Baba, Manager of Business Development for Keisoku Giken, talks about his company’s products, including their new 4k-3D monitor system.  Read More

Tim Dashwood, Dashwood Cinema Solutions

Stereo 3D is all the rage. Dashwood Cinema Solutions has developed a new application to simplify shooting on the set.  Read More

Tracey Ruesch, Adrienne Electronics

Tracey Ruesch, President of Adrienne Electronics, tells us about his company’s time code tools.  Read More

Barbara DeHart, Telestream

Barbara DeHart gives a wide-ranging look at Telestream’s products and services.  Read More

Phil Storey, XenData

XenData has a Windows server-based archiving solution optimized for media and entertainment. Dr. Philip Storey explains more.  Read More

Philip Nelson, NewTek

Philip Nelson, NewTek’s Senior VP of Strategic Development, tells us about their new TriCaster 850 Extreme. visit:  Read More

Paola Hobson, Snell

Paola Hobson, Product Manager for Conversion and Restoration at Snell, talks about their NAB 2011 announcements: their new Archangel restoration system, and additions to their Alchemist standards converter.  Read More

Paul Babb, Maxon

Paul Babb, President of Maxon, gives us an update on one of our favorite programs: Cinema 4D.  Read More

Josh Apter, Manhattan Edit Workshop

Josh Apter of Manhattan Edit Workshop talks about their upcoming special events.  Read More

Steven Canepa, IBM

Steven Canepa, General Manager for IBM’s Global Media and Entertainment Industry division, takes a global look at the challenges facing the entertainment industry as we move to a tapeless workflow.  Read More

Donn Gurule, Lightbeam Systems

Donn Gurule, CEO and President of Lightbeam Systems, talks about their workstations that improve your creative process and production workflow.  Read More

Phil Ritti, Cache-A

Phil Ritti joins us to talk about Cache-A’s network-attached archive appliances based on industry-standard LTFS on LTO-5 tape.  Read More

Gary Arlen, Arlen Communications

Gary Arlen spoke with host Larry Jordan about the proliferation of video playback on mobile devices and the prospects for the future.  Read More

Bruce Master, IBM and Laura Loredo, HP

Is LTO generation 5 really ready for prime time? Larry talks with HP and IBM about the uses of LTO tape archiving and challenges in production.  Read More

Richard Heitmann, Atempo

Atempo does media management, media storage and archiving focused on the media industry.  Read More

Miguel Saldate, JMR Electronics

JMR is branching out into providing end-to-end solutions. Miguel Saldate explains JMR’s latest releases.  Read More

Jim Tierney, Digital Anarchy

Jim Tierney talks about improving skin tones in Beauty Box and Photoshop.  Read More

Ben Clasper, Counterpoint Systems

Rights management is very important for making money from your media! Counterpoint helps us manage that.  Read More

Jeff Rothberg and Ben Kozuch, Future Media Concepts

Jeff Rothberg and Ben Kozuch launched Future Media Concepts in 1994 as the world’s first Avid Authorized Training Center. Today they talk with Larry about this year’s Post|Production World Conference at NAB Show 2011.  Read More

Stuart Ashton, Blackmagic Design

Two of the hottest “buzz” words at this year’s NAB are Thunderbolt and Resolve. Blackmagic’s Stuart Ashton tells us about these as well as AdamSwitchers and their ever-popular Decklink.  Read More

Maurice Patel, Autodesk

Maurice Patel is the industry and product marketing manager for Autodesk’s Media & Entertainment business. He is responsible for the company’s presence across the film, television and games segments, and is noted authority on media and entertainment trends.  Read More

Alan Hoff, Cinedeck

Alan Hoff, CEO of Cinedeck, talks about their new product announcements at NAB 2011.  Read More

Wes Plate, Automatic Duck

Automatic Duck allows sequence and media exchanges between popular editing applications.  Read More

Vincent Maza, Avid

Vincent Maza, Worldwide Marketing Manager for Avid, talks with Larry about Avid’s exciting NAB 2011 announcements, including a new technology preview for 3D editing.  Read More

Nick Rashby, AJA

Nick Rashby, President of AJA Video Systems, talks with Larry about AJA’s new hardware and firmware updates for existing hardware, as well as two technology previews.  Read More

Richard Louis, Sony

Cirina Catania, in a special report with Richard Louis, Product Specialist at AV Media Group for Sony.  Read More

Ross Shain, Imagineer

Ross Shain, Chief Marketing Officer of Imagineer, talks about the new versions of ‘mocha’ and ‘mocha pro’.  Read More

Jeff Stansfield, Advantage Video Systems

Jeff Stansfield, Owner of Advantage Video Systems, an Apple Certified system integration company, tells us more about his company.  Read More

Lin Kayser, IRIDAS

IRIDAS, is a leading provider for color grading, playback, stereo 3D and RAW processing.  Read More

David Taylor, Cineform

Cineform, a leading compression and codec company, was recently acquired by GoPro. This interview discusses stereo 3D video, compression, and a developing standard for media delivery: IMF.  Read More

Robert Sharp, Digieffects

Robert Sharp, President of Digieffects, talks about their Delirium, Damage, and Buena Depth Cue effects plug-ins.  Read More

Paul Holtz, Class on Demand

Paul Holtz, President of Class on Demand, talks about their new gift card-style access to streaming training.          Read More

Andrew Richards, Keeper Technology

Keeper Technology, makers of Motion Media Suite an intelligent shared storage and archiving solution for Final Cut Pro workgroups, launched at NAB.  Read More

Doug Pircher, International Supplies

We all need gear and International Supplies’ General Manager talks about a new view finder for DSLR’s and two NexTo Storage units.  Read More

Jan Crittenden, Panasonic

Jan is Panasonic Broadcast’s Product Line Business Manager for the company’s growing line of professional cameras.  Read More

Mas Omae, Accusys

Mas Omae, Sales Manager, Accusys, talks about their ExaSAN enterprise-class RAID and storage solutions.  Read More

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