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Cirina Catania at Daiwa

  Buzz Producer Cirina Catania spoke with Michael Burnham about Daiwa’s new variable neutral density filter which provides an almost limitless control over the amount of light passing through the lens, which allows for greater control over exposure and depth of field.   visit:    Read More

Cirina Catania at Artemis

  Buzz Producer Cirina Catania spoke with Curt Schaller, the designer of the camera stabilization system released by Artemis, about why he decided to create his own stabilization system and how it can be customized for different body types.   visit:    Read More

Cirina Catania at Manfrotto

  Buzz Producer Cirina Catania went to the Manfrotto booth to talk with combat photographer Stacey Pearsal,Combat Photographer about new tripods, heads, and camera controls from Manfrotto.   visit:    Read More

Cirina Catania at Canon

  Buzz Producer Cirina Catania spoke with Chuck Westfall, Technical Advisor, Education and Training about Canon’s new EOC 500 digital camera.   visit:    Read More

Laura Peters interviews Barry Sandrew, Founder, Legend3D

  Legend3D invented a technology that converts a 2D movie to 3D, without having to reshoot it. Barry Sandrew talks about how their technology can benefit filmmakers looking to convert catalog titles into 3D.   visit:    Read More

Laura Peters interviews Skip Levens, VP Marketing, Active Storage

  Active Storage makes RAIDs that are optimized for video editing and playback. In this interview with Buzz reporter Laura Peters, Skip Levens talks about what Active Storage is, there current product line, and what makes it attractive to filmmakers.   visit:    Read More

Laura Peters interviews Simon Watkins, Product Marketing Manager, HP Storage

  HP provides LTO tape drives for long-term archival and storage of media. In this interview with Buzz reporter Laura Peters, Simon Watkins discusses what the LTO format is and the new technology that HP is showing at NAB.   visit:    Read More

Laura Peters interviews Michael Chenery, Senior Color Scientist, THX

  Color science looks at the entire production pipeline and seeks to make sure the color that goes in is the color that comes out. Michael Chenery talks about his work at THX and explains that the company provides certification for both audio and color accuracy.   visit:    Read More

Mas Omae, Accusys

  Accusys creates high-capacity, high-performance RAIDs for the media industry. Buzz reporter Laura Peters interviews Mas Omae about their new family of products: the Exasan.   visit:    Read More

Eric Johnston, OConnor

  OConnor  is a company well known in the cinema industry for their fluid heads, but has recently brought on Eric Johnston in order to expand the brand to camera accessories.  Eric is at NAB 2012 to promote OConnor’s theme of “Innovations around the camera’ and shares specific information about the new camera accessories available.   visit:    Read More

Brandon Smith, Digieffects

  Digieffects is a creator of plug-in suites that work with After Effects, Premiere Pro, and FCP 6, 7, and X. Brandon Smith shares the current trends of the market and discusses Digieffect’s new service called RenderMon, which they hope to release in the next few months.   visit:    Read More

Markus Unfried, Penta Studiotech

  XenData provides LTO-based tape archiving for media stored on Windows systems. They are launching a new, lower-cost system Penta Studiotech provides the widest range of LCD monitors in the market today and has launched their brand new 55″ monitor which they showcased at NAB 2012. Markus Unfried shares what makes Penta monitors so unique.   visit:    Read More

Carey Dissmore on The 2012 NAB Show Trends

  Carey Dissmore founded IMUG when it was the International Media100 User Group. As a special correspondent for The Buzz, he shares his insights on the trends this year to 4K images, “Thunderbolt everywhere,” and the explosion in choices in video editing software.   visit:    Read More

Philip Hodgetts talks about The Cloud

  The Cloud is every where at NAB this year – but is it for you? In this report, Special Correspondent Philip Hodgetts takes a look at The Cloud and what it means for filmmakers.   visit:    Read More

Philip Storey, XenData

  XenData provides LTO-based tape archiving for media stored on Windows systems. They are launching a new, lower-cost system here at NAB, as Phil Storey explains.   visit:    Read More

Jim Tierney, Digital Anarchy

  Digital Anarchy develops plug-ins for After Effects, FCP, and Premiere Pro. They also develop plugins for Photoshop and Aperture and will soon release Beauty Box 2.0.  In addition to creating plug-ins, Jim also is the organizer for the Plug-in Pavilion at NAB 2012.   visit:    Read More

Richard Duvall, Tektronix

  Tektronix is a company known for its video measurement gear. Richard Duvall discusses the company’s new line of battery-powered video scopes and talks about how Tektronix is currently working with Dolby to add audio loudness correction.   visit:    Read More

Lisa Clark, Signiant

Signiant is a software company specializing in high-speed, secure file transfers. Their customers range from media service providers to broadcasters and post-production facilities. Lisa Clark is at NAB 2012 to showcase their new product, the Media Shuttle.   visit:    Read More

Mark D’Addio, Vitec

  Vitec, which is not the same as the Vitec Group, is a company providing digital video products and custom-designed media solutions. Mark D’Addio showcases the new products from Focus Enhancements, such as the Focus FS-P250 proxy recorder for Panasonic and the FST-2001 422 recorder for Sony, and their other newly acquired products.   visit:  Read More

Dave Walton, JVC

  David Walton discusses the changes that have occurred in the Broadcast market and how their cameras are addressing these changes.   visit:    Read More

Josh Apter, Manhattan Edit Workshop

Josh Apter is at NAB 2012 to spread the word about his post-production and digital production training.  But what’s really stolen the show is a new camera accessory called the Padcaster which turns an iPad into a production grade camera that you can hang accessories from. Weird, but true.   visit:    Read More

Richard Schleuning, Carl Zeiss

  Richard Schleuning shares the history of the evolution of Zeiss lenses and explains the best uses for their primes and manual focus zooms.   visit:  Read More

Andy Liebman, EditShare

  EditShare just bundled their Flow and Arc software for free as part of their network software. Andy Liebman discusses why they are emphasizing workflow and explains that getting started with EditShare is less expensive than you might think.   visit:    Read More

Dan Maloney, Matrox Video Products Group

  Matrox, with its family of MXO2 products, is providing a wealth of connectivity options for Mac-based video editors. Dan Maloney explains their latest announcements and the benefits of using hardware acceleration for video compression.   visit:    Read More

Michael Rubin, The Tiffen Company

  Though Tiffen owns a variety of companies, they are best known for their camera filters; and digital filter pack for post-production. Michael Rubin discusses their latest announcements and explains how to pick the best filter for your camera and project.   visit:  Read More

Ross Shain, Imagineer Systems

  Motion tracking is used when you want to track an object as it moves around the frame. Planar tracking is used when you want to track the perspective of an object as it moves. Mocha is a widely used planar tracker that’s about get an upgrade, as Ross Shain explains.   visit:  Read More

Oliver Peters, Oliver Peters Post-Production Services, Inc.

    Oliver Peters is a regular, and welcome, guest on The Buzz. He joins us to share his perspective on what he thinks are the important announcements at this year’s show.   visit:    Read More

Bruce Sharpe, Singular Software

  Since he first wrote Levelator, Bruce Sharpe has been making editors lives easier. At this year’s NAB, Singular Software announced the latest version of PluralEyes for Final Cut Pro X, which provides more flexibility and capability than the tools built into FCP X itself.   visit:    Read More

Bruce Devlin, Amberfin

  Amberfin split off from Snell a few years ago, to provide high-quality video processing software to the media industry. Bruce Devlin explains what Amberfin does, how it fits in a production workflow, and the benefits of using software for video processing.   visit:  Read More

Gregor McElvogue, IBM Corporation

  IBM has a variety of software tools to help workgroups collaborate, as Gregor McElvogue explains.   visit:  Read More

Mike Lippmann, Miller Camera Support Equipment

  Miller invented the fluid head that we all use to create great looking pans and tilts with our cameras. In this conversation, Mike Lippman explains what a fluid head is and how to pick the best tripod and head for your projects.   visit:    Read More

Eric Pratt, VirtualSetWorks

  VirtualSetWorks introduces Intensikey, a new software that creates 3D camera moves in a virtual set . What makes this especially attractive is that you don’t need to use special camera tracking and the software is only $300.   visit:    Read More

Tom Lattie, Harmonic, Inc.

  Harmonic makes hardware that moves signals around a production company or broadcaster. From ingest to playout servers, Harmonic can provide gear to keep your images looking great. However, as Tom Lattie explains, digital compression is inherent in this entire process – and compressing video is almost a black art.   visit:    Read More

Ric Viers, BlastwaveFX

  Ric Viers explains what makes his HD Sound Effects Company unique and describes what he uses to record many of his company’s sound effects.  In addition, he also shares his recent experience of recording his voice on one of Thomas Edison’s original foil recorders.     visit:  Read More

Mike Brassell & Alexander Brassell, Rampant Media Design Tools

  Rampant Media Design Tools provides stock footage and music for media producers.  Mike and Alexander talk about their in-house composed music and what they are looking for from outside music sources to add to Rampart’s collection.   visit:    Read More

Gregor Zander & Kai Von Garnier, Hamburg Pro Media

  Greg Zander and Kai Von Garnier are part of the Hamburg Pro Media team that created MXF4Mac. At NAB this year, they introduced their latest product: VirtualMXF.   visit:  Read More

Bart Weiss, Dallas Videofest

  Bart Weiss shares his thoughts about his upcoming film festival and discusses the types of films he’s looking for. (They are actively looking for submissions!) He also discusses trends in the films industry and explains his concept of transmedia.   visit:    Read More

Ben Clasper, Counterpoint

            Ben Clasper talks about the benefit of using their product, Media Maestro, which is a media management system, designed to assist with media rights and royalties.   visit:  Read More

Paul Holtz, Class on Demand

  Paul Holtz specializes in providing training to the creative and media industry. He talks about is 18-year-old business and their latest title: 150 color presets for all versions of Da Vinci Resolve with accompanying training on how to use them.   visit:  Read More

Pat Grosswendt & Siobhann Chapman, LitePanels

  Pat Grosswendt co-founded LitePanels, so we wanted to learn not only about their latest products, LitePanel’s new line of LED Fresnels and on-camera LED’s, but how to take care of the ones we already have.   Then, Siobhann Chapman joins Pat and Larry to talk about Vinten’s latest products such as the Vision Blue5 pan and tilt head, designed specifically for lightweight cameras   visit: ... Read More

Tobias Keuthen, Sachtler

  Sachtler makes tripods and tripod heads for professional photographers and videographers.  In this interview, Tobias Keuthen talks about the Sachtler product line and their latest announcements at NAB.   visit:  Read More

Greg Prentiss, Autoscript

  Autoscript makes teleprompters. Greg Prentiss shares his company’s latest on-camera prompting systems, along with advice on how to pick the best one for your projects.   visit:  Read More

Laura Peters interviews Jeromy Young, CEO, Atomos

Atomos released updated versions of their Ninja and Samurai digital video recorders which automatically integrate metadata acquisition with video recording. Jeromy Young explains their new gear and how their new software works with Final Cut Pro X.   visit:  Read More

Laura Peters interviews David Peto, CEO, Aframe

Aframe provides Cloud-based video production services. They launched last year in the UK, and in the US at this year’s NAB Show. Davie Peto explains what Aframe is, how to use it, and who it’s for.   visit:  Read More

Laura Peters interviews Chad Andrews, Global Marketing Manager, Dell

Chad Andrews goes into more detail on how Dell views the entertainment market and the new products – like Dell Deliver – that they are creating to assist in tracking and monetizing it.   visit:  Read More

Laura Peters interviews Laurie Hutto-Hill, AVP, Dell

  Dell is more than just computers, as Laurie Hutto-Hill explains, Dell provides a content delivery platform, called “Dell Deliver,” that’s targeted at content creators looking to distribute their content.   visit:  Read More

Wayne Arvidson, ATTO Technology

  Wayne Arvidson discusses ATTO’s Thunderbolt products which they are premiering  at NAB 2012, plus the ThunderLink and ThunderStream as well as their new PCIe3-based cards.   visit:  Read More

2012 NAB Show Buzz Team Credits

Digital Production Buzz Coverage of the NAB Show 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.    Read More

2012 NAB Show Buzz Report – Day 8 (04/23/12)

2012 NAB Show Buzz - Day 8 (Monday, April 23, 2012) Play Now | Play in Popup | Download 2012 NAB Show Buzz - Day 8 (Monday, April 23, 2012) Play Now | Play in Popup | Download Intensikey creates 3D camera moves in a virtual set in post-production, Cirina Catania examines the new Canon EOS 1D DSLR camera, Mocha introduces a new planar tracker, Harmonic describes the “black art of video compression,” Michael Kammes looks at the current state of workflow automation,... Read More

2012 NAB Show Buzz Report – Day 7 (04/22/12)

2012 NAB Show Buzz - Day 7 (Sunday, April 22, 2012) Play Now | Play in Popup | Download 2012 NAB Show Buzz - Day 7 (Sunday, April 22, 2012) Play Now | Play in Popup | Download This is our seventh show from NAB – filled with news, great guests and exciting new products. Join host Larry Jordan, live from our booth on the show floor, as he talks with: David Walton, Assistant VP, Marketing Communications, JVC Pat Grosswendt, Co-founder/Chief Technical Consultant,... Read More

2012 NAB Show Buzz Report – Day 6 (04/21/12)

2012 NAB Show Buzz - Day 6 (Saturday, April 21, 2012) Play Now | Play in Popup | Download 2012 NAB Show Buzz - Day 6 (Saturday, April 21, 2012) Play Now | Play in Popup | Download This is our sixth show from NAB – filled with news, great guests and exciting new products. Join host Larry Jordan, live from our booth on the show floor, as he talks with: Andy Liebman, Founder & CEO, EditShare Oliver Peters, Owner, Oliver Peters Post Production Bruce Sharpe, CEO,... Read More

2012 NAB Show Buzz Report – Day 5 (04/20/12)

2012 NAB Show Buzz - Day 5 (Friday, April 20, 2012) Play Now | Play in Popup | Download 2012 NAB Show Buzz - Day 5 (Friday, April 20, 2012) Play Now | Play in Popup | Download This is our fifth show from NAB – filled with news, great guests and exciting new products. Join host Larry Jordan, live from our booth on the show floor, as he talks with: Steve Cooperman, Product Manager – P2 cameras and monitors, Panasonic Tim Dashwood, Founder, Dashwood Cinema Solutions Sam... Read More

2012 NAB Show Buzz Report – Day 4 (04/19/12)

2012 NAB Show Buzz - Day 4 (Thursday, April 19, 2012) Play Now | Play in Popup | Download 2012 NAB Show Buzz - Day 4 (Thursday, April 19, 2012) Play Now | Play in Popup | Download Telestream leads todays Special Report from the 2012 NAB Show. New products, a new owner, and revised plans for the future. An NLE that doesn’t get much coverage is Sony Vegas Pro – we have all the latest news on their recent update. Special Correspondent Walter Biscardi has his... Read More

2012 NAB Show Buzz Report – Day 3 (04/18/12)

2012 NAB Show Buzz - Day 3 (Wednesday, April 18, 2012) Play Now | Play in Popup | Download 2012 NAB Show Buzz - Day 3 (Wednesday, April 18, 2012) Play Now | Play in Popup | Download New announcements from Avid Technology lead today’s Special Report from the 2012 NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition, we have Marquis Broadcast, which makes translation software for Avid and Final Cut Pro and Special Correspondent Ned Soltz with a look at the huge range of... Read More

2012 NAB Show Buzz Report – Day 2 (04/17/12)

2012 NAB Show Buzz - Day 2 (Monday, April 17, 2012) Play Now | Play in Popup | Download 2012 NAB Show Buzz - Day 2 (Monday, April 17, 2012) Play Now | Play in Popup | Download The CS 6 announcements from Adobe Systems is the focus of today’s Special Report from the 2012 NAB Show – with interviews covering their strategic focus, as well as detailed looks at Premiere Pro and After Effects. We also check out the stunning new announcements from Blackmagic Design,... Read More

2012 NAB Show Buzz Report – Day 1 (04/16/12)

2012 NAB Show Buzz - Day 1 (Monday, April 16, 2012) Play Now | Play in Popup | Download 2012 NAB Show Buzz - Day 1 (Monday, April 16, 2012) Play Now | Play in Popup | Download Major announcements from Autodesk and AJA highlight our coverage of the 2012 NAB Show from Las Vegas, Nevada. They are joined by significant new products from G-Technology, GoPro, NVidia, along with thoughtful industry analysis from Ned Soltz and Kristin Petrovich Kennedy. Join host Larry... Read More

Walter Biscardi and The Excitment at NAB 2012

  Walter Biscardi talks about the sense of excitement and hope for the industry with the new Blackmagic Cinema camera, Autodesk Smoke 2013, Adobe CS6 release, Avid Symphony price drops. Less talk about Apple Final Cut X and more about integration.   visit:        Read More

Robb Blumenreder, Sennheiser

    Sennheiser is known for its microphones, both wired and wireless; as well as its sister product: Neumann microphones.  In this interview, Robb Blumenreder talks about new digital microphone technology, as well as new audio hardware they announced here at the show.   visit:    Read More

Kyle Dann, Anton/Bauer

  Kyle Dann discuss various adaptions to cover new camera and auxiliary power needs in today’s camera systems. He also talks about the latest Lithium Ion Battery technologies and what makes Anton Bauer batteries special.   visit:    Read More

Joe Hammer, Fairlight

  Joe Hammer talks about high end audio mixing console systems. Fairlight produces fully integrated systems for 35 years as they record, edit and mix and in terms of post production, they have powerful tools with integrated SD and HD and 3D video. visit:  Read More

Steve Cooperman, Panasonic

  Steve Cooperman talks about the latest additions & innovations to the Panasonic Pro including the release of their new AVC 4-4-4 12 Bit 4K Codec.   visit:  Read More

Tim Dashwood, Dashwood Cinema Solutions

Tim Dashwood discusses the tools to edit stereoscopic 3D footage. Dashwood finds solutions for today’s 3D work environment. New software called CAT (Calibration And Analysis Tool) is designed for on set 3D monitoring solution to show the client how a convergence point would be for the 3D scene. CAT works with Blackmagic Intensity cards and products to reduce the footprint of the technology to work with 3D.   visit:... Read More

Doug Pircher, International Supplies

    Doug Pircher introduces the next edition of portable hard drives with WiFi transfers to Apple devices and Android devices known as Video Storage Air. Allows on set viewing of production content while in the field. International Supplies also reveal sliders that cover iPhone to 6.5 feet and other interesting products for the creative production professional.   visit:      Read More

Jon Tatooles, Sound Devices

  Sound Devices got their start creating portable mixers for on-set production. Jon Tatooles stops by to describe their latest audio gear and provide some tips on working with multiple mics on set.   visit:    Read More

Sam Thomas, Petrol Bags

  Petrol Bags is a standard in the industry and Sam Thomas rejoins us with an update on the latest products to protect your gear.     visit:  Read More

Barbara DeHart, Telestream Inc.

  Barbara DeHart describes how busy Telestream has been this year with new products with being recently acquired by Toma Bravo on January 6, 2012. Telestream is a platform acquisition for the digital media space because of the Telestream position in the media and entertainment space. The core of Telestream is transcoding for some of the largest media and entertainment companies in the world. New capabilities coming:  X.264 codec with first commercial license, hardware acceleration... Read More

Bland McCartha, hVault

  Bland introduces HVault, a new company with a revolutionary new High Speed/low power long-term storage technology. 3D holographic storage acts like a hard disk but it’s inert so it has an archive life of 50 years.   visit:  Read More

Ned Soltz on Small Camera Trends

            Ned focuses on small cameras and the latest GoPro 2 and its free, new Pro Tune firmware upgrade featuring 25 or 35 Mb H.264 with an integrated Technicolor cine-style log profile.  Read More

Les Zellan, Cooke Optics

  Les shares with us the heritage of Cooke Lenses (first one made in 1893) and the process of how lenses are made and how Academy Award winning films like Hugo used Cooke Lenses to achieve a consistent look and feel to the imagery.   visit:        Read More

Leigh Herman, Sony Creative Software

  Leigh Herman, Director of Business Development, Sony Creative Software discusses the latest innovations with Sony Vegas Pro and other new creative software.   visit:        Read More

Chris Steele, Marquis Broadcast

  Chris Steele, Product Manager, Marquis Broadcast, discusses the latest additions & innovations to Medway and their new software X2Pro for Final Cut X.   visit:      Read More

Kevin Klingler, SmartSound

  Kevin Klingler of SmartSound talks about a cloud based SmartSound capability and new plugins for Adobe CS6’s Premiere and After Effects on the heels of their award from Studio Daily.   visit:      Read More

Paul Babb, Maxon

Paul Babb, President and CEO of Maxon, shares details of his company’s award-winning CINEMA 4D software product; specifically, its editing features and tight integration with After Effects.   visit:  Read More

Donn Gurule, Lightbeam Systems Inc

Donn Gurule, CEO and President of Lightbeam Systems designs and builds computer hardware for film and television production.   visit:    Read More

Dana Ruzicka, Avid

Dana Discusses the Features of Media Composer 6, Symphony 6 along with the introduction of Interplay Sphere and the expansion of the ISIS line.   visit:    Read More

Tom Bennett, Pond5

  Tom talks about the new innovations at Pond5 and how best to make money with your stock footage. Pond5 offers a 50% royalty split for video, music, sound effects and After Effects projects sold through their stock media marketplace.   visit:    Read More

Ben Kozuch & Jeff Rothberg, Future Media Concepts

  Ben Kozuch talks about how Future Media Concepts (FMC) produces the Post | Production World Conference each year at NAB. Jeff Rothberg talks about FMC’s training, their instructors, and what they provide.   visit:    Read More

Michael Kammes, Buzz Special Correspondent

  Michael Kammes, Senior Technology and Workflow Consultant for Keycode Media, talks about solutions on the NAB 2012 show floor for automating mundane workflow tasks in production and post-production. For example preparing dailies, tracking producer notes and revisions, outputting various deliverables, and backups.   visit:    Read More

Steve Forde, Adobe

  Steve opens up about about the latest innovations in After Effects CS6. He says this is the biggest release of After Effects in over 10 years. visit:  Read More

Andrew Little & Aharon Rabinowitz, Red Giant

  Red Giant Software co-founder Andrew Little talks about his strategic focus on creating a creative community. Red Giant is famous for its plug-ins, but now, with the Red Giant Community, they are doing more, as Aharon Rabinowitz, Manager of Red Giant Communities, explains. Also, Andrew showcases some of their latest releases.   visit:      Read More

Bill Roberts, Adobe & Mike Horton, LAFCPUG

                    Bill Roberts talks with Larry & Michael Horton about the new range of CS6 video-related products. It’s an exciting update: Bill says that there hasn’t been as much technology released at once in more than a decade.        Read More

Stuart Ashton, Blackmagic Design

  Stuart Ashton, Director, EMEA, Black Magic Design talks about all the new products announced at NAB 2012. This includes the new 2.5K Cinema camera with 13 stops of latitude with a Thunderbolt enabled port and onboard SSD and metadata; and other new Thunderbolt I/O devices.   visit:          Read More

Al Mooney, Adobe

  Al Mooney, Product Manager for Professional Video Editing at Adobe Systems, Inc, is at the NAB 2012 show in order to reveal the new Adobe CS6. And now he is on the Buzz to share specific information about the new Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.   visit:    Read More

David Newman, GoPro

            Senior Director of Software at GoPro, David Newman, talks about GoPro’s range of products and acquisition of Cineform Software.   visit:  Read More


    Click to listen to the 2011 NAB Show Buzz daily specials:   2012 NAB Show Buzz Report – Day 1 (04/16/12) 2012 NAB Show Buzz Report – Day 2 (04/17/12) 2012 NAB Show Buzz Report – Day 3 (04/18/12) 2012 NAB Show Buzz Report – Day 4 (04/19/12) 2012 NAB Show Buzz Report – Day 5 (04/20/12) 2012 NAB Show Buzz Report – Day 6 (04/21/12) 2012 NAB Show Buzz Report – Day 7 (04/22/12) 2012 NAB Show Buzz Report – Day 8 (04/23/12)    Read More

Ned Soltz on NAB 2012 Opening Day Highlights

            Ned Soltz, contributing editor to Digital Video Magazine, presents opening day highlights of the NAB 2012 Show, including 4K camera advances.  Read More

Marc Hamaker & Marc-André Ferguson, Autodesk

                    Marc Hamaker, Senior Manager Product Marketing & Creative Finishing & Marc-André Ferguson, Smoke Industry Manager, talk about the all new Autodesk® Smoke® 2013 professional video editing software, the new features and workflows between other applications at the 2012 NAB show.   visit:  Read More

Justin Boitano, NVIDIA

          Justin Boitano, Director of Marketing at NVIDIA, discusses how some of their partners at NAB are using NVIDIA’s GPU products such as their new Maximus technology. He also explains how their GPU products benefit the user. visit:  Read More

Philip Nelson, Newtek

          NewTek’s Philip Nelson talks about their latest improvements to Tricaster, including the advantages of using Tricaster for “live to drive” recordings for faster throughput. visit:  Read More

Pete Schlatter, G-Technology

          Pete Schlatter, Director of Business Development Professional Services at G-Technology talks about their new range of G-Tech Thunderbolt drives and the workflows these new drives can handle.   visit:    Read More

Kristin Petrovich Kennedy, Createasphere

          Kristin Petrovich Kennedy, President of Createasphere, provides a very thoughtful look at current industry trends, the shifting professional marketplace, and a discussion of their recent acquisition of the Pro Video Coalition.   visit:  Read More

Nick Rashby, AJA

          Nick Rashby, President AJA Systems talks about AJA’s latest upgrades including new plugins for Adobe CS6 and their new Ki Pro Rack.   visit:    Read More

Live Sessions at NAB: Technology Summit on Cinema & The Secrets of Making 3D Profitable

  WHAT: The following sessions at NAB Show will be streamed live and archived at for viewing anytime, anywhere. Brightcove, Inc. will use its Video Cloud online video platform to support the live and on-demand streaming. NewTek, located in booth SL5111, will provide equipment and services using its TriCaster technology.  The streamed sessions are part of “NAB Show Live!”, the video component of, which features live daily updates and on-demand... Read More

Digital Production BuZZ Podcast!

Digital Production BuZZ covers video production, post-production, and distribution world-wide. From the people creating the gear, to the people using it to create cutting-edge film and video projects, these are the interviews you can't find anywhere else. Authoritative, informed, and fun to listen to. And the longest running podcast on the planet covering our industry.